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NOV. 3 - RETRO 5 - Satin Black

NOV. 6 - RETRO 1 PSG - Black

NOV. 7 - RETRO 1 - No L’s (Red)

NOV. 10 - RETRO 3 - Chlorophyll

NOV. 10 - WMNS AJ 4 - Fire Red

NOV. 16 - AJ 33 - Desert/Concord

NOV. 17 - UNION x AJ1 - Wh/Blue

NOV. 17 - UNION x AJ1 - Wh/Red

NOV. 17 - RETRO 1 - Rookie Year

NOV. 17 - GIRLS RETRO 12 - Purple

NOV. 23 - WMNS AJ 11 - Olive

NOV. 24 - RETRO 12 - Red

NOV. 29 - AJ 33 - Black

DEC. 1 - RETRO 10 - Orlando

DEC. 1 - KIDS AJ 8 - Snowflake

DEC. 8 - RETRO 11 - White/Black

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MJ Kerr huddle.jpg

MJ predicted Steve Kerr would take the game winning shot. It was Game 6 of the 1997 Finals. The game was tied with time running out. Phil drew up a play for Michael. While waiting for the timeout to end, he took a sip of some Gatorade and visualized in his mind what was about to happen. He looked over at Kerr and gave him a look. MJ whispered to him to be ready to shoot if Utah decides to send a double team. Click here to see it all unfold. Just like Michael predicted. #GOAT




The real reason MJ left basketball to play baseball. It was 1993 and the Bulls had just won their third straight championship. MJ was exhausted and out of challenges. He felt he had nothing else to prove on the court. His father had tried to get him to retire in '91 after the first championship, so he could give baseball a shot. Then out of nowhere in July '93 Michael's father was murdered. His body was found floating in a creek in South Carolina after being shot. His red Lexus with license plate UNC0023 was stripped and found in the woods near Fayetteville, N.C. It was an easy decision for Michael. Retire from the NBA, and make an attempt at baseball to honor his father's wish.


Coincidentally, Jerry Reinsdorf, the owner of the Bulls, also owned the Chicago White Sox. The Birmingham Barons were a double-A affiliate of the Sox, so Mike made a deal with Reinsdorf to play for the Barons. Fortunately for basketball fans the MLB went on strike in August 1994. With nothing to do because of the baseball lockout Mike decided to visit the Bulls practice facility in Deerfield, IL to see his old friends (Scottie Pippen & B.J. Armstrong). Phil Jackson let Michael participate in practices for a few weeks and that's when the desire to play the game emerged. Then on March 18, 1995 Jordan sent a two-word fax to the media: "I'm back." The rest is history.