Video Tour of MJ's house. MJ's house in the northern suburbs of Chicago is still for sale. Even though real estate experts say that it's overpriced for the area, if I won the Powerball lottery I'd buy it. Here's a detailed YouTube video of the house that has it's own basketball gym, 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a cigar room, a movie room, and more. (Scottie Pippen lived in a house just a couple minutes away from MJ's.)


Retro 1 HI 'Passport'. A black & white color of the Retro 1 is releasing on Sunday. MSRP $160. The design theme of the shoe are things you would see on a passport to show how MJ is a global icon.


Retro 12 'Flu Game'. New pictures popped up online of the black & red Retro 12. They are scheduled to release in stores in May. MSRP $190. This was the same color MJ wore during the 1997 NBA Finals against Utah when he got sick the night before the game after eating a pizza. MJ put on a heroic performance and lead the Bulls to victory before collapsing in the locker room. He needed several bags of IV fluid after the game to help him recover. 


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Retro 1 HI OG 'David Letterman'. In the mid 1980s MJ went on the David Letterman show and this Retro 1 is inspired by the outfit MJ wore in that interview. The colors of the shoe are light crimson & navy and they will release in stores in April.

Air Jordan Release DateS

(Updated: FEB. 9)



11 - Nike Kobe 11 AS - Green Glow

11 - Nike KD8 AS - White/Blk



12 - AJ XXX - White/Black/Grey

12 - Rbk Question Mid - Wh/Red

12 - Nike Foamposite - 'N. Lights'

13 - Retro 10 OVO - Black



13 - Retro 4 - White/Grey

13 - Girls Retro 1 - Grey

13 - Girls Retro 5 Low - Grey

13 - UA Curry 2 - Wh/Red/Gold

13 - UA Curry 2 Low - Red

14 - Nike Kobe 11 - Wh/Blk/Grey

14 - Retro 1 HI - 'Passport'

14 - Retro 1 Low OG - 'Chicago'

17 - Nike Kyrie 2 - Black/Green

20 - Retro 5 Low - White/Navy

20 - Rbk Question Mid - Yellow

22 - Nike KD8 - Pink/Turquoise

27 - Retro 12 - Black

27 - Nike Kobe 11 - Purple/Gold

? - Nike Kyrie 2 - Celery/Yellow

? - AJ XXX - Cosmos

? - Retro 3 & 8 Lakers Package


5 - Girls Retro 12 - White/Pink

5 - Retro 2 - White/Black



5 - UA Curry 2 Low - Black/Wh

5 - Nike Kyrie 2 - Hyper Blue

9 - Girls Retro 4 - White/Blue

12 - Nike Foamposite Pro - Grey

12 - Retro 5 Low - White/Red

19 - Retro 4 - Navy/Yellow

26 - Retro 12 - White/Blue

? - Retro 1 KO HI - Black/Red



16 - Retro 9 Low - Black/Red

21 - Nike More Uptempo - Black



23 - Retro 10 NYC - Black/Gold

30 - Retro 1 HI - Crimson/Navy

? - Nike Foamposite Pro - Red

? - Retro 17+ - Wh/Blk/Copper


21 - Retro 2 Low - White/Red

28 - Retro 12 - 'Flu Game'



18 - Retro 10 - White/Purple

25 - Retro 12 - Grey/UNC



2 - Retro 12 - Red/White

16 - Retro 14 - Wh/Blk/Oxi Grn



23 - Retro 5 - Black/Silver


13 - Retro 5 - White/Blk/Gold

13 - Retro 14 - Black/Indigo

16 - Retro 7 - Wh/Gold/Navy


3 - Retro 1 HI OG - Black/Red

24 - Retro 5 - Obsidian/Bronze


? - Retro 4 PRM - 'Snakeskin'

? - Retro 13 Melo PE - 'Nuggets'

? - Retro 13 Low - Chutney

? - Retro 4 PRM - Black

? - Retro 5 Low - 'Knicks'

? - Retro 17 - White/Black/Red

? - Retro 11 Low - White/Gold

? - Flow - various colors

Disclaimer: The release dates posted above are for retail stores in the US, not for our website. The dates are subject to change, and sometimes they are wrong.

Retro 2 Low 'Chicago'. When the Retro 2 Low first appeared in stores in 1994 it flopped. Nobody bought them. That was one of the first retro Jordans released and people didn't understand what the point was of buying an older model shoe. You could find the shoes at stores like Sportmart (before Sports Authority bought them out) for huge discounts. JB is going to give it another shot and release a 'Chicago Bulls' color of the Retro 2 Low in May. MSRP will be $160.


AJ XX9 BHM. February is Black History Month. A year ago the Jordan Brand released a limited white & black color of the Air Jordan XX9 to celebrate Black History Month. We have a size 10 & 10.5 remaining of that shoe on our Shoes page. The AJ XX9 was such a good shoe in terms of comfort and performance that the designers of the AJ XXX decided not to make any major changes and reuse the chasis of the XX9. 


Retro 3 & 8 Package. To honor Kobe's last season the Jordan Brand is planning to release a limited 2-pair Jordan package featuring the Retro 3 & Retro 8 in Lakers' colors. MSRP will be $500. Possible February release.


Space Jam rumor. Since it's the 20th anniversary of the Space Jam movie (1996) there is speculation that the Retro 11 Space Jams will be releasing in December, especially since this picture popped up online. However, there is no official confirmation from the Jordan Brand yet.


Air Jordan XXX. The wait is over. The AJ 30 has been unveiled. It's very similar to the AJ XX9 with a few enhancements, like a more durable toe box. Tinker Hatfield, one of the lead designers, said that because of time constraints and because the XX9 was so good from a performance perspective there was no need to start from scratch. The midsole and outsole is nearly identical to the XX9. Tinker mentioned this wasn't the first time design elements were carried over to a new model. He said the AJ 3, 4, & 5 all used the same midsole and outsole with only minor tweaks. MSRP of the AJ XXX will be $200 and it releases in stores on Feb. 12. A limited 'Cosmos' color might come out before then.


Retro 10 'City Pack.' Eight colors of the Retro 10 are expected to release this year each with a different color and theme representing the following places: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Paris, Brazil, London, Shanghai. You should start seeing them show up in stores in the spring.


Reebok Question Mid. A white red Midtop version is scheduled to release on Feb. 12. MSRP will be around $140. At least 20 different colors of the Question Mid are expected to release in 2016.


Retro 1 KO HI (Black/Red). These were supposed to release a few months ago, but Nike canceled the release because of mold problems on some of the shoes. Word is that they will finally be released in March. MSRP will be around $160.


Retro 14's coming. Two original colors of the AJ 14 will be coming out. The first is White, Black, Oxidized Green releasing on July 16 and the second is Black, White, Indigo releasing on August 13. The last time these colors were released was in 1999.


Flight Runner 3. The third edition of this Jordan running shoe should start showing up in stores soon.


Pippen's Nike More Uptempo. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of it's original release the Nike Air More Uptempo is coming out in the spring in 3 colors. Scottie wore the shoe during the 1995-96 season.


Drake's OVO Retro 8. Pic1 : Pic2 : Pic3 : The Jordan Brand made these special Retro 8's for the rapper Drake. No word yet whether or not they're going to be available to the public.


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