'Rio' Retro 10. The Rio Retro 10 is scheduled to release this Saturday, but it sounds like it's going to be hard to find in stores. Some areas of the US might not even get it. Just a heads up.

'Alternate' Olympic Retro 7. Supposedly, this colorway is what the designer, Tinker Hatfield, wanted MJ to wear during the 1992 Olympics. A different version ended up making the cut, but on August 16 you'll have a chance to grab the 'Alternate' version of the Olympic Retro 7.



Warning: Fake App. Beware of a fake app that's being advertised on Instagram & Facebook. It's a scam to sell you counterfeit shoes. (WE DON'T HAVE AN APP). We only sell shoes on our Shoes page. Nowhere else. Use common sense. If it looks too good to be true, it always is.

Pippen's Olympic Nike More Uptempo. Word is this 'USA' color might be releasing in the summer. Probably July. Scottie wore the shoe back in 1996 for Team USA during the Olympics. (This White & Gum color is expected to release in the summer too).



Another $400 Retro 4 Premium. An obsidian color with gold accents is expected to release in June. Since it's a premium version it'll be limited, with an MSRP of $400. (We won't be selling them).

$65 Million of Fake shoes seized last year. Shoes were #3 on a list of most counterfeited items. Click here to read the MSN Money article. It says Nike has taken steps to add hidden details to their shoes to thwart counterfeiters.



23isback™ Release Dates

(Updated: MAY 1)



7 - Kids Retro 10 - Pearl/Black

7 - Retro 10 - 'Rio'



7 - Retro 9 Low - Bright Mango

14 - Retro 10 - 'Los Angeles'

14 - Retro 10 - 'Chicago'

14 - Kids Retro 10 - Platinum/Pink

21 - AJ XXX - Gym Red/Black

21 - Retro 2 Low - White/Red

21 - Kids Retro 6 - Black/Grey

21 - Retro 4 PRM - 'Snakeskin'



21 - Kids Retro 12 - Wh/Univ. Blue

28 - Retro 12 - 'Flu Game'

29 - Retro 17+ - Black/Red


11 - Retro 9 Low - Pantone

18 - Retro 10 - 'Charlotte'



20 - Nike KD 9 - Black/Red

25 - Retro 12 - Grey/UNC

25 - Retro 8 C&C - Black

25 - Retro 8 C&C - White

? - Nike Foamposite - Yellow

? - Retro 4 Premium - Obsidian




2 - Retro 12 - Red/White

16 - Retro 14 - Wh/Blk/Oxi Grn

23 - Retro 5 - Black/Silver

30 - Retro 12 OVO - White/Gold

? - Nike Foamposite One - 'USA'

? - Nike More Uptempo - 'USA'

? - Nike More Uptempo - W/Gum



13 - Retro 5 - White/Blk/Gold

13 - Retro 14 - Black/Indigo

16 - Retro 7 - 'Alternate' Olympic

26 - Nike Foamposite Pro - Blue


3 - Retro 1 HI OG - Black/Red

24 - Retro 5 - Obsidian/Bronze



? - Retro 12 Wool - Dark Grey



25 - Retro 9 - White/Black

25 - Retro 3 - White/True Blue

28 - Retro 3 - 'Cyber Monday'



? - Retro 11 - 'Space Jam'

? - Retro 3 Wool - Dark Grey



? - Retro 11 Low - White/Red

? - Retro 11 Low - Navy/Gum



? - Retro 16 - White/Navy

? - Retro 13 Melo PE - 'Nuggets'

? - Retro 13 Low - Chutney

? - Retro 17 - White/Black/Red

? - Retro 11 Low - White/Gold

? - Flow - various colors

? - Retro 1 KO HI - Black/Red

Disclaimer: The dates are for retail stores in the US, not for our website. The dates can change. Sometimes they're wrong.




Fake pairs: Retro 12 'Wings'. People are reselling authentic pairs of the Retro 12 'Wings' for close to $1,000. If you see someone selling multiple sizes for an unusually low price the shoes are going to be counterfeit. Watch out for fake ads on social media trying to trick you into buying counterfeit pairs. We don't have an app and we don't advertise on Instagram or anywhere else. Click here to report a fake ad you saw on Facebook or Instagram.


Retro 11 Low. The original White & Red color from 2001 is releasing again this year along with a new Navy & Gum color. Possibly in the summer.


Instagram & Twitter. Here are our official Twitter and Instagram accounts. The only shoes we have for sale are listed on our Shoes page and we don't sell anywhere else. Beware of fake ads, apps, or websites using our 23isBACK™ name to trick you. We don't have an app. And we don't advertise on Instagram or anywhere else.


Horizon Low. The Jordan Horizon is a casual shoe based on the AJ 13, but it doesn't seem to be selling as well as the Jordan Future did last year. Meet the Horizon Low. It should release during the summer.


Retro 3 & 8 Lakers package. Pics of the White and Black version of the 2-pair Lakers package. No word yet on when (or if) they're releasing.


CONFIRMED: Retro 11 'Space Jam'. The Space Jams will be releasing in December to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Space Jam movie (1996) starring MJ & Bugs Bunny. The shoe will supposedly have concord grape colored logos like the shoe from the movie.


Video Tour of MJ's house. MJ's house in the north suburbs of Chicago is still for sale. Even though real estate experts say that it's overpriced for the area (asking price is around $15 million), if I won the Powerball lottery I'd buy it. Here's a detailed YouTube video of the house that has it's own basketball gym, 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a cigar room, and more. (Scottie Pippen lived in a house just a couple minutes away. It sold for less than $2 million in 1996).


Jordan Trunner. Several colors of this new Jordan Trunner will be coming out in the spring.


Retro 12 'Flu Game'. New pictures popped up online of the black & red Retro 12. They are scheduled to release in stores in May. MSRP $190. This was the same color MJ wore during the 1997 NBA Finals against Utah when he got sick the night before the game after eating a pizza. MJ put on a heroic performance and lead the Bulls to victory before collapsing in the locker room. He needed several bags of IV fluid after the game to help him recover.


You are losing money if you don't use Ebates! Let's say you want to order something from Amazon, Nike, Priceline, Ebay, etc. Instead of going directly to those sites you first go to Ebates and login to your account. Then click on the site you want to order from. By doing that, Ebates will give you cash back on your order! Just like a rebate. And best of all, it's free. Just click here to sign up to earn a $10 bonus.


Drake's OVO Retro 8. Pic1 : Pic2 : Pic3 : The Jordan Brand made these special Retro 8's for the rapper Drake. No word yet whether or not they're going to be available to the public.


How to spot FAKE Jordans online. A lot of Jordans sold on the Internet are FAKE. Fake is another word for counterfeit or knockoff. You can usually tell within seconds if a shoe is fake. The first red flag is the selection. If a site or app appears to have EVERY Jordan shoe available in a variety of colors & sizes then you know something is fishy. No legit seller is going to have that many authentic pairs. The second red flag is the price. Some of the scam artists have gotten smart and actually raised their prices to trick you into thinking their shoes are real. If you find a non-retail website selling hard-to-find Jordans for around MSRP then they are likely FAKE. Always be suspicious. If you see the package was shipped from China or some other country it's very likely the shoes are fake. If you have any doubts don't buy.