Retro 15 (Obsidian). It's too expensive to release just one color of a shoe. That's why when you first see a shoe you know that other colors will follow. The black Retro 15 releases in January, but we now learn that the original Obsidian (navy) & White color from 17 years ago will release some time in the spring. Msrp $190.



Retro 11 SPACE JAMS. The 'Space Jam' Retro 11 will be releasing on Dec. 10th and it will have #45 on the heel. Why? Because when MJ wore the shoes on the court in 1995 he wore the #45 jersey for a brief period. 'Nike Air' logos will also be on the insoles. MSRP for retail stores: (Mens $220) (Grade School $170) (Pre-school $90) (Toddler $70) (Crib $55).








23isback™ Release Dates

(Updated: DEC. 2)



3 - AJ XXX1 - Black/Concord

3 - Retro 9 - White/Black



9 - Reebok Question - White/Blue

10 - Retro 11 - Space Jam

15 - Nike Foamposite One - Royal

17 - Retro 7 - Doernbecher

17 - Retro 3 Wool - Grey



17 - Kids Retro 11 - Velvet Maroon

22 - Retro 16 - White/Navy

23 - Retro 1 HI OG - White/Blue

24 - Kids Retro 3 - Black/Teal

30 - Kids Retro 6 - Purple Dynasty

31 - Retro 6 - Black Cat

? - Retro 11 Premium - Suede

? - Retro 11 Wool - Grey/Black


7 - Retro 15 - Black/Anthracite

14 - Retro 12 Low - Black/Orange



21 - Retro 13 - Black Cat

21 - Nike Kyrie 3

? - Retro 4 - Black/Gold




3 - Nike Kyrie 3

17 - Retro 6 - Chameleon

17 - Retro 12 OVO - Black



18 - Retro 13 - White/Red

23 - Nike Kyrie 3

25 - Retro 12 Low - Black/White

25 - Retro 8 - UNDFTD

? - Retro 1 HI OG - Blk/White



MARCH 2017

11 - Retro 6 - Alternate

11 - Retro 6 - Black Hornets

18 - Retro 12 Low - Grey/Navy

26 - Retro 4 - Motorsport

? - Nike Foamposite - Silver Surfer

APRIL 2017

? - Retro 13 Low - Brave Blue

? - Retro 11 Low - Black/White

? - Retro 12 Low - Red Suede

? - Retro 15 - Obsidian/White



MAY 2017

? - Retro 13 Low - White

? - Retro 11 Low - Columbia

? - Retro 1 HI OG - White/Red



JUNE 2017

? - Retro 13 Low - Chutney

? - Retro 4 - White/Chrome

? - Retro 1 HI OG - Black/Royal




? - Retro 13 - Blue/Flint Grey



? - Nike Foamposite - Various



Disclaimer: The release dates are for retail stores in the USA, but sometimes the dates are wrong. When you click on an ADVERTISEMENT you are redirected to a third-party website belonging to our paid advertisers.

ADVERTISEMENT (Sneaker Stockings)

ADVERTISEMENT (Sneaker Stockings)






Kid's Retro 11 (Velvet Maroon). This shoe is a kid's exclusive, which means it'll only be available in extended grade school sizes, 9.5y and smaller. The good news is that a 9.5y is the same as a men's 9.5, so if you're a guy with small feet you can still get a pair if you want. (Msrp $220). RD = Dec. 17.



A premium version of the Retro 5 is expected to release in a few months. Just like other premium models you can expect this one to be expensive. Possibly $400 msrp. A new Retro 11 Low color is coming in the spring. It looks like the Wool Retro 11 is coming out after all, very soon (msrp $220).


A red suede & black Retro 12 Low is expected to release in a few months. Rumors of the 'Rising Sun' and White/Red Retro 12 releasing in 2017 too.


The Retro 7 Doernbecher releases on Dec. 17 on Nike's website and at Nike Town stores. The shoe was designed by Damien Phillips who is battling with hemophilia, a severe bleeding disorder. A portion of the sales will help benefit the Doernbecher Children's Hospital.



Fake Apps. Watch out for fake shoe apps that are being advertised on Instagram & Facebook. The apps are a scam to trick you into buying fake, knockoff shoes and possibly stealing your personal info and passwords from your phone. The scammers are illegally using names of legit businesses to trick people. (We don't have an app). We only sell on our website via our SHOES page. Remember, if something looks too good to be true, it always is. If you find a fake app please report it to Apple.


Good news: Some great colors of the Retro 11 Low are releasing soon. Bad news: They're only being made as GOLF shoes. A premium all SUEDE Retro 11 (MSRP $400) is expected to be coming out soon.


In May 1995 against Orlando, MJ decided to stop wearing the #45 and go back to the #23. Click here to watch highlights of that game. Look closely and you'll see that MJ was the only Bull with white shoes on. The NBA considered that a uniform violation and fined him for not wearing black shoes like the rest of his teammates.


How to spot FAKE Jordans online. A lot of Jordans sold online are fake or knockoffs. You can usually tell within seconds if a shoe is fake. The first red flag is the selection. If a website or app appears to have EVERY Jordan shoe available in a variety of colors & sizes then you know something is fishy. No legit seller is going to have that many authentic pairs. The second red flag is the price. Some of the scam artists have gotten smart and actually raised their prices to trick you into thinking their shoes are real. If you find a non-retail website selling hard-to-find Jordans for around MSRP then they are likely FAKE. Always be suspicious. If you see the package was shipped from China it's very likely the shoes are fake. If you have any doubts don't buy.


Video: MJ's former house. MJ's house in the north suburbs of Chicago is still for sale. Even though real estate experts say that it's overpriced for the area (asking price is around $15 million), if I won the lottery I'd buy it. Here's a detailed YouTube video of the house that has it's own basketball gym, 9 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a cigar room, and more and here's a slideshow with 34 pictures. (Scottie Pippen lived in a house just a couple minutes away).


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