AD - Sneak Gallery

AD - Sneak Gallery


Retro 1 'Splatter'. Nike quietly released this black/royal Retro 1 'Splatter' on their site. Msrp $110.

C. Paul's new shoe. Introducing the CP3.XI. Releasing in stores in a couple of weeks.

Univ. of Michigan Retro 12. Coming in June. No actual pics yet, but it might look something like this.

Uh oh, here we go again. Last year it was rumored that a red suede Retro 12 would release during the 2017 holiday. That never happened. Now it's rumored that it'll release during the 2018 holiday. The sad part is that fake pairs of this shoe have been selling in China for over a year. All of the online pics of the shoe are of the knockoff pairs.

Check out this short 1 minute clip. Mike makes a nice no-look tip pass to Scottie for the jam.

 AD - Sneaker Outfits

AD - Sneaker Outfits

 AD - ill Currency

AD - ill Currency

23isback™ JORDAN Release Dates

The release dates below let you know when a shoe is releasing in stores in the US, but sometimes the dates change. It doesn't mean we are going to sell a shoe on that date. When you click on a T-shirt ad you are redirected to a website belonging to a paid advertiser.

Updated: March 21

 Only $25 +s&h

Only $25 +s&h


22 - Air Max 270 Flyknit - Oreo

22 - Air Max 270 Flyknit - Knicks

22 - Vapormax 2.0 - Black/Wh

 AD - Nostalgic Club

AD - Nostalgic Club

23Womens RETRO 12 - Tan

24 - Vapormax Flyknit Moc 2

24 - Vapormax Utility - Moon

24 - Vapormax Utility - Clay

24 - RETRO 3 - 'Tinker'

24 - RETRO 1 HI - White/Royal

26 - Air Max 270 - Wh/Orange

26 - Air Max 270 - White/Blue

31 - RETRO 11 LOW - Emerald

 AD - ill Currency

AD - ill Currency


5 - Nike Shox Gravity - Multiple

7 - GIRLS 11 LOW - Black/Coral

7 - AJ 32 - Black/Multicolor

7 - RETRO 18 - Red Suede

9 - Westbrook - Blk/Blue/Orange

13 - Womens 11 LOW - Bronze

14RETRO 1 HI - Black/Grey


21RETRO 1 HI - 'Half & Half'

21 - RETRO 10 - Dark Shadow

? - WMNS UPTEMPO - Hot Punch

? - AJ 32 LOW - White/Jade

?RETRO 1 - Blk/W/Yellow

? - RETRO 11 LOW - 'Jeter'

? - CP3.XI - Red


NIKE UPTEMPO - White/Red - 1

RETRO 3 - White/Red - 12

RETRO 11 LOW - Grey - 26

RETRO 11 - All Black - 26

WMNS 11 LOW - Blk/Purple - ?

 AD - Supreme Xpressions

AD - Supreme Xpressions


RETRO 14 - 'Last Shot' - 16

RETRO 3 - 'USA' - 30

RETRO 5 - Black/Red - ?

AJ 32 - 'Last Shot' - ?



RETRO 3 - White - 21



NIKE UPTEMPO - 'Hoyas' - 1

RETRO 12 - Navy/Sail - 11

RETRO 3 FLYKNIT - Black - 18

RETRO 13 - White/Black - 25

 AD - Cream Life Shop

AD - Cream Life Shop


RETRO 5 - Sail/Orange - 8

NIKE FOAMS - Denim - 28

 AD - ill Currency

AD - ill Currency


RETRO 12 - Red/Black - ?

RETRO 12 - UNC - ?

RETRO 11 - White/Black - 27

 AD - Sneak Gallery

AD - Sneak Gallery

Why is there a swoosh on these 3s? Tinker Hatfield is famous for designing many of the Air Jordans, and he's the guy who created the Jumpman logo. When he originally designed the AJ 3 he put a Nike swoosh on the side of it, just like on the AJ 1, but at the last minute he changed his mind. He took the swoosh off, put a Jumpman on the tongue, and Nike Air on the heel. Now for the first time they are going to release Tinker's alternate version of the AJ 3 with a swoosh. Coming in March, but they will be very hard to get. (Justin Timberlake wore a version of this shoe during the Super Bowl halftime show).

All black Retro XI. The black Retro 11 releasing in May will be made in lower quantities. Word is production numbers will be reduced by around 80%. What does that mean? It means it'll be hard to get.

XI Low 'Jeter'. This release hasn't been confirmed yet, but here's what might be coming out in April. It looks like a premium release with thick leather laces, a leather insole, and a navy suede upper. You can bet it'll be limited.

Bulls down 1 with 4.1 seconds left. Against Detroit. Dumars is guarding MJ. Pippen inbounds the ball to Cartwright. Cartwright gives it to Jordan. Then this happened.

Taxi 12 quickstrike? Nike released official photos of the white & black Retro 12, and they only do that if a shoe is releasing soon. Rumor was that they might be coming to stores this month, but it seems unlikely. A release date hasn't been announced yet.

 AD - XGear101

AD - XGear101

Mike makes an incredible shot over 7'7" Manute Bol that makes both of them laugh. Check out the short 1-minute clip.

Barkley thinks about blocking Mike's dunk... but Mike takes off first and Charles says to hell with that. Watch the short clip.

Utah Jazz fan talks trash to Mike. In a game against Utah in 1987, Jordan got the ball in the post, turned, and dunked on John Stockton. A Jazz fan in the crowd yelled, "Hey Jordan! Pick on someone your own size!" On the very next play, Jordan got the ball, flew in the air, and dunked on Mel Turpin, Utah's 6'11" center. As Jordan ran back on defense he looked at the Jazz fan and said, "Is he big enough?" Click here for the video.

You are losing $$ if you don't use Ebates. Let's say you want to order something from a major site like Amazon, Best Buy, Price Line, etc. Instead of going directly to those sites you first go to Ebates. Then click on the site you want to order from. By doing that, Ebates will give you cash back on your order! Just like a rebate. And best of all, it's free. Just click here to sign up and earn a $10 bonus.

MJ vs. LaBradford Smith. I know what you're thinking. Who the hell is LaBradford Smith? He was a guard for the Washington Bullets who had a short 3-year NBA career. In 1993 the Bulls and Bullets had back to back games. The first game was in Chicago and 24 hours later the second game was in Washington. MJ had a terrible shooting night in the first game. He was also embarrassed by his defense against LaBradford who ended up scoring a career-high 37 points. The Bulls still won, but Jordan was not happy with his performance. After the game Jordan said LaBradford mockingly said, "Nice game, Mike." MJ didn't like that. That sparked a fire inside of him. Michael challenged himself to score 37 points in the first half of their next game. Why 37? Because that's what LaBradford scored the night before.

MJ was on fire in the second game. NBA Jam on fire. He hit long jumpers and some tough fadeaways to finish with 36 points in the first half! He would have had 37, but he missed a free throw before halftime. After the game MJ said he was pissed about missing that free throw. The Bulls took control in the 3rd quarter and cruised to a win. Phil didn't play MJ in the 4th. He got his revenge on LaBradford and finished with 47 points. Years later, Jordan admitted that he made the part up about LaBradford mocking him after the first game. MJ just needed an extra bit of motivation, so he pretended that LaBradford mocked him to get himself fired up for the next game. Classic MJ. Here's video highlights of the two games.

He Got Game Retro 13. Coming in August. This was one of the OG colors that MJ wore in 1998. Featured in the Spike Lee movie He Got Game. This color last released in 2013.

Jumpman Vindicates in 2019? JB has a history of re-releasing shoes for their 20th anniversary. This hasn't been confirmed, but we believe the Vindicate's from 1999 will re-release in 2019. Vin Baker wore them back then. He was a 4-time All-Star and Olympic gold medalist. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs tainted his NBA career. The $100 million he made from his career is gone. After finally getting clean and sober he called his former boss. The CEO of Starbucks also owned the SuperSonics when Baker played in Seattle. Baker gave him a call and asked for help. That's how Baker ended up becoming a manager at Starbucks. You can read about his road to recovery in his book, God and Starbucks.

In May 1995 against Orlando, MJ decided to stop wearing the #45 and go back to the #23. Click here to watch highlights of that game. Look closely and you'll see that MJ was the only Bull with white shoes on (Concord XI's). The NBA considered that a uniform violation and fined him for not wearing black shoes like the rest of his teammates.

Video: MJ's former home. MJ's house in the Chicago burbs is still for sale. Real estate experts say that it's overpriced for the area (asking price is around $15 million) because of the location. Here's a detailed YouTube video of the house that has it's own basketball gym, a cigar room, and more! (Pippen lived in a house just a couple minutes away).