Shoes came yesterday in one of the many snow storms here in Maine. Adding these Retro 11's to my collection makes it the fourth purchase I've made at 23isBACK.com. I know I'm getting the REAL thing when I order from you. Thank you again.

-- Rudy from Portland, Maine













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MORE SIZES: AJ 20, Retro 4 Oreo & Teal


Size 13: Retro 13 from Nov.


Did you see the new Jordan baseball jersey at Sneak Gallery? They match perfectly with the new Retro 10's coming out. Use promo code 23isback to get 10% OFF your order at Sneak Gallery


Used size 11: XX3 Low from 7 years ago


All of the shoes we sell on our site are 100% AUTHENTIC. We don't mess around with fakes or replicas