Air Jordan XI (Black/Red). Releasing on Dec. 14th in sizes for the whole family. It’s expected to have the #45 on the heel and a high-cut patent leather, just like the Concord 11’s that released last December.



BULLS wanted to trade PIPPEN for McGrady, but Jordan said NO. Tracy McGrady was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in 1997. A few days before the draft, the Bulls management had a secret meeting with McGrady. Their plan was to trade Pippen to Toronto to get McGrady, but Michael wasn't okay with that. He wasn't going to have his “brother” traded away for some high school kid, so the deal never happened. Watch McGrady tell the story.

Air Jordan 1 MID. They usually don’t have release dates for Mid’s, but here are some great new colors coming out in stores soon for $110 each: (White/Red) : (Black/White) : (Black/Cement/Red)





Tinker 3 (White/Red). This is what the Air Jordan 3 Tinker is going to look like when it releases on March 30th. The Nike swoosh on the side is Velcro, so you can change it up with different colors. Red, white, reflective silver, grey elephant print, and grey swooshes will be included with the shoes.

Milwaukee Bucks AJ 7. The colors were inspired by Ray Allen’s time with the Bucks. You’ll also find Allen’s signature on the insoles. Coming in June.

Rumor. The Air Jordan 1 HI “Shattered Backboard” might be releasing again in October. We don’t know if it’ll be made with different materials.



23isBACK™ Jordan Release Dates

This page is for educational purposes. The info lets you know when a shoe is releasing in stores, but the dates are subject to change without notice. (When you click on an advertisement you are redirected to a website belonging to a paid advertiser).

Updated: MARCH 21


21 - PROTO MAX 720 - Red

23 - RETRO 13 - Grey


30 - AJ 3 TINKER - White/Red

30 - RETRO 1 HI - Sail/Red

🏀SALE: NBA JERSEYS 23, 33, 91

? - AJ 1 LOW - Wh/Black/Red




6 - RETRO 14 - White/Red


12 - (w) RETRO 12 - Reptile

13 - RETRO 1 HI - Crimson

19 - XI LOW Snake - Navy




? - RETRO 4 - Sal’s (white)

? - RETRO 4 - Sal’s (black)

? - RETRO 7 - 3M Cardinal




(w) XI LOW - Pink Snake - 4

RETRO 4 - Black/Cement - 4

RETRO 13 - Cap & Gown - 18


(w) XI LOW - Orange - ?

RETRO 14 - Yellow Ferrari - ?




XI LOW Snake - Bone - 1

(w) LATITUDE 720 - 6

R ETRO 7 - MKE Bucks - 22

RETRO 1 HI - Blk/Red - 29

RETRO 13 - Lakers - ?


RETRO 4 - FIBA - ?

RETRO 6 - Reflective/Inf - ?

11 LOW IE - Spacejam - ?

(w) RETRO 8 - W/Teal - 12

RETRO 10 - Camo - 18

🎬 The GOAT’s Final Moments


RETRO 4 - Cool Grey - 3

RETRO 5 - Yellow - 10

RETRO 3 TINKER - Black - 15


RETRO 12 - Black/Royal - ?


RETRO 3 - Knicks - ?


RETRO 11 - Black/Red - 14

▶️ MJ vs Shaq & Penny



$350,000. Someone recently paid over $350K for a rare Michael Jordan card on Ebay. Only 10 of them exist.

Super Bowl AJ 6. The olive Retro 6 that Travis Scott wore during the halftime show are expected to release in a few months. The shoe has a built-in pocket on the side. PHOTO1 : PHOTO2

RETRO 4 “The Shot on Ehlo.” The black/cement Air Jordan 4’s from 1989 are coming out again in May for $200. Michael wore them when he hit the shot on Ehlo at the buzzer to send the Bulls to the next round and end the Cavs’ season. Watch the video from 30 years ago.

Jimmy Butler’s Go-To shoe. A new Jordan basketball shoe called the Supreme Elevation will be releasing soon in several colors. This has been Jimmy Butler’s Go-To shoe. The design is similar to the AJ 32 (which we think is the BEST Jordan basketball shoe ever), but includes velcro straps and a partially visible Air unit. Black/Infrared : Black/White

Utah fan talks trash to Jordan. VIDEO : In a game against the Jazz in 1987, Jordan got the ball in the post, turned, and dunked on John Stockton. A Jazz fan in the crowd yelled, "Hey Jordan! Pick on somebody your own size!" On the very next play, Mike got the ball, flew in the air, and dunked on Mel Turpin, Utah's 6'11" center. As Jordan ran back on defense he looked at the fan and asked, "Was he big enough?" 😂 😂

The story of the #12 jersey. Michael Jordan had to wear #12 on Valentine’s Day in 1990 against the Orlando Magic because someone stole his #23 jersey before the game. The team didn't have extras. They even went into the stands to see if a fan had a #23 jersey that would fit MJ. When that didn’t work, Jordan had to wear a #12 with no name on the back. A few days later, they found his #23 jersey in the ceiling tiles of the visitor’s locker room. You can order this rare #12 Bulls jersey here.

Response to LeBron’s comments disrespecting Jordan: First you make anti-Semitic remarks against Jews and now this. Game 4 of the 2011 NBA Finals. Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks. You scored only 8 points in an NBA Finals game. 8 points! Are you kidding me? And you think you’re the GOAT? Your own teammate said you quit in those Finals. You’re the one who left Cleveland to form a dream team in Miami just so you could win a championship. You claim the 2016 Finals made you the GOAT when we all know Kyrie Irving is the one that saved you from losing. And what happened to Kyrie? He hated playing with you so much that he demanded a trade.

Six months ago you got SWEPT in the NBA Finals. Everyone could see that you GAVE UP on your team. You call yourself the King and now the GOAT and you couldn’t even get your team one win in the Finals? Please. How fitting that you got blown out by the Warriors by exactly 23 points in Game 4. Then after losing, you came out to the media wearing a cast on your hand to use it as an excuse. The real GOAT doesn’t make excuses. To be the GOAT you need to play defense too. You have 0 defensive player of the year awards. Jordan has 1. You made the NBA All-Defensive first team 5 times. Jordan made it 9 times. Jordan won an NCAA Championship. You didn’t. Did you forget what Jordan did in his last minute as a Bull? Jordan never quit on his team or his city. You play for stats. Jordan played to win. That’s why he’s 6-0 in the Finals. There’s only one real GOAT.

MJ Kerr huddle.jpg

JORDAN predicted STEVE KERR would take the game winning shot. It was Game 6 of the 1997 Finals. The game was tied with time running out. Phil drew up a play for Michael. During the timeout, he took a sip of some Gatorade and visualized in his mind what was about to happen. He glanced over at Kerr and gave him a look. MJ whispered to him to be ready to shoot if Utah decides to send a double team. Click here to watch it all unfold. Just like Michael predicted. #GOAT

MICHAEL JORDAN wouldn’t let the Bulls lose to the Knicks in the 1993 EC Finals. Click here for Game 4 highlights.

Two AJ 4 colors are coming out next year inspired by Sal’s Pizzeria from the Spike Lee movie Do the Right Thing. (These images are early renderings of what they might look like). White and Black


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The "SHOT on Ehlo" almost didn't happen. In May 1989, the Bulls were down 1 to the Cavs with 3 seconds left in an elimination game. During the final timeout, Bulls Coach Doug Collins began to draw up a play for Dave Corzine to take the shot. Michael slammed the coach's clipboard with his fist and yelled, "Give me the f*cking ball! " While heading back onto the court, Mike whispered to Craig Hodges, "I'm going to make it." We all know what happened next.

Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Jordan 3 and created the infamous Jumpman logo. In 1987 he originally put a Nike swoosh on the side of the shoe, but at the last minute changed his mind. He knew Michael was not happy with the AJ 2, so he needed to make the AJ 3 special. Here's a look at the shoe he originally envisioned. Released in select stores on April 30th, 2018.

Vindicates in 2019? JB has a history of re-releasing shoes for their 20th anniversary. This hasn't been confirmed, but we predict the Vindicate's from 1999 will release again in 2019. Vin Baker wore them back in the day. He was a 4-time All-Star and Olympic gold medalist. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs tainted his NBA career. The $100 million he made from his career is gone. After finally getting clean and sober he called his former boss. The CEO of Starbucks also owned the SuperSonics when Baker played in Seattle. Baker gave him a call and asked for help. That's how Baker ended up becoming a manager at a Starbucks. You can read about his road to recovery in his book, God and Starbucks.

#45 to #23. In May 1995 against Orlando, Mike decided to stop wearing the #45 and go back to the #23. Click here to watch highlights of that game. Look closely and you'll see that he was the only Bull with white shoes on (Concord XI's). The NBA considered that a uniform violation and fined him for not wearing black shoes like the rest of his teammates.

MJ's former mansion. MJ's house in the Chicago burbs is still for sale. Real estate experts say that it's overpriced for the area because of the location. Here's a detailed Youtube video of the house that has it's own basketball gym, a cigar room, and more! (Pippen lived in a house just a couple minutes away).

In September 1984 the Bulls signed Michael Jordan to a 7-year deal for only $6 million. That's less than $1 million per year. After a few years, the Bulls organization restructured Michael's contract and gave him more money, but it was still peanuts compared to what players are getting today.