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Wow! I'm stunned with how prompt and great your services are. The shoe looks amazing. You have truly made my Holiday really special. I am a Jordan fanatic and I have wanted the 6 Rings for quite some time. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

-- Ryan from Houston, TX












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"Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team."


- Scottie Pippen

(Updated every Tuesday)

Size 10, 10.5, 14: Retro 1 HI Black History Month (reflective)


Size 10.5: Retro 10 - White/Powder Blue


Size 11: Retro 10 - Grey


Retro 10 - Black/Venom


Size 12: Retro 3


COMING SOON: Used sz 11 Retro 11 Low (Wh/Snakeskin) from 2001


All of the shoes we sell are 100% Authentic