Much love to 23isBACK.COM. I just got my Retro 9's. I ordered them on Wednesday and got them on Friday. I can't wait to go to the mall and see everyone's face when they see them on my feet. You have done it again. GREAT SERVICE!

-- Kenney from Houston, TX













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"There has been a never ending quest for the next Michael Jordan ever since Jordan came along. The fact is there isn't another Michael Jordan out there. But the companies are hoping they find that in Lebron. Kobe Bryant...has shown from the standpoint of selling shoes and apparel that he's not in same league as Michael Jordan."


- Bob Williams,

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COMING SOON: Retro 9 (Anthracite). Get them before the release date!

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COMING FRIDAY & MONDAY: More sizes of the Bordeaux Retro 7 and Retro 11 Low (White/Grey). A size 9 in the Retro 10 'Double Nickel'. A size 10.5 in the Retro 3 (Black/Blue). A size 10 in the Retro 5 (White/Silver).

We received sizes 10-13 in the White/French Blue Retro 7. The last time this color was released was 13 years ago

All of the shoes we sell on our site are 100% AUTHENTIC. We don't mess around with fakes or replicas