Shoes came yesterday in one of the many snow storms here in Maine. Adding these Retro 11's to my collection makes it the fourth purchase I've made at 23isBACK.com. I know I'm getting the REAL thing when I order from you. Thank you again.

-- Rudy from Portland, Maine









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"I never really envisioned myself having any kind of major impact on people. I never really thought I could persuade them to pursue something I was involved with or buy a product just because I talked about it. Even now, when I see kids wearing my shoes, it's kind of wild. Sometimes I feel shocked."

- MJ
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The Retro 11 Low (Black/Red) is being released in stores on Saturday, May 23

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Preowned size 10.5 from 8 years ago, 9.5 Low only $23

It might be strange to buy shoe cleaner online, but not when it works this well. The stuff your local store sells likely contains harmful chemicals that are unsafe to breathe. ICFYS has a shoe cleaner that is made with Coconut Oil, Abies Balsamea Needle Oil and Spruce Oil. No harsh chemicals

Preowned size 10.5, CP3.III, AJ 2011, and Alpha 1

All of the shoes we sell on our site are 100% AUTHENTIC. We don't mess around with fakes or replicas